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Mental health disorders affect the lives of billions of human beings every day. This is a global epidemic that alters the trajectory of humanity. When people are not well, the decisions they make are colored by their pain. These illnesses know no boundary, touching every echelon of humanity from political and financial leaders to everyday workers, teachers, parents, and particularly the poor.

When we look at the world and think about the impact we want to have and the legacy we leave, it is paramount that we establish a means for humanity to transcend the global mental health crisis. It’s foundational and, without a cure, all well-intended efforts will fail. For all of the technological and societal advancements that have been made, mental illness is growing exponentially. Everyone, especially our children, is in need.

Our Legacy Program is an open call to one special benefactor looking to create a lasting difference in the world by leading the eradication of mental illness on a global platform.

If this is you, we would love your help and are ready to actualize your mission. In gratitude to you for stepping forward, we will name the treatments as you choose.

Our IRS-approved 501(c)(3) Tax Deductible Foundation allows you to achieve your charitable goals without undertaking the start-up costs and lengthy administrative processes associated with establishing your own private foundation.

We do all of our work in collaboration with you and develop further initiatives that reflect your strategic cause-based priorities.

Mental illness is the single largest problem facing humanity. Solving this epidemic is the keystone to reshaping the global human predicament, and the first step in forging a better world. Be a difference-maker and join our efforts to create a new paradigm for humankind. The type of person we need has the resources and finances that can jumpstart a truly historic philanthropic mission.

Contact Hamilton to formulate how your participation can be most effective.

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