By Being Here Course™

How Does By Being Here Help You?

Most of us live in a world of distraction. Our incessant thoughts disrupt the experience of being HERE, centered, balanced, awake and alive.

By Being Here transforms you into the kind of person that others are drawn to. It centers you in a way that makes you feel better and enhances the experience of everyone you interact with via the interaction itself. Imagine if you could feel completely at ease in a group of people and know that they like you because you are centered, relaxed, and present. To live free of social anxiety, fear, and emotional pain is a dream for many. By Being Here makes this possible!

What Do You Need To Know To Get Started? By Being Here is a series of 90 transformative exercises presented in a daily e-mail. Each exercise is designed to develop the focus we need to be present as we change how we feel, think, and experience life. Each exercise can be practiced whenever and wherever you are, taking only 10 minutes or less. They are calisthenics to awaken your mind and center your awareness.

You will learn by doing, and you will begin to experience life and people in the ways you always wanted.

  • 90 daily consciousness-shifting activities
  • Helpful Daily Hints to trump fear and anxiety
  • A road map to feeling your very best
  • A dedicated community of like-minded people
  • Instruction on how to find your Truth
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