Blue Morpho Foundation’s 21 Day Challenge


How Does the Feel Good Challenge Help You?

As part of a special introduction to the Blue Morpho Way, Hamilton Souther has created the Free 21 Day Feel Good Challenge— Feel Better in just 21 Days.

It’s a hand-selected collection of transformative daily activities from our By Being Here course that can be applied to change the way you feel, think, and experience your life.

Can Change Really Be This Easy? Yes, each day you receive an activity that guides you towards feeling better. The activities only take minutes, and many can be done during the course of your normal day.

  • FREE: 21 Daily consciousness-shifting activities
  • Change how you feel in three weeks
  • A dedicated community sharing this challenge
  • The opportunity to feel better
  • Takes less than 10 minutes a day

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This rocked my world, and I needed it. Since my divorce, I cried everyday, and during the challenge my tears dried. I feel stable and ready to start anew. – Nancy (teacher)

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Do our 21 Day Challenge… and each time you experience a breakthrough, donate to help fund our initiative to Cure PTSD.