Blue Morpho Way™

Who is this for? The Blue Morpho Foundation has created the Blue Morpho Way, a complete system for life improvement, for everyone. We’ve combined the best healing traditions from around the world with Hamilton Souther’s unique consciousness-shifting methods to create foundational tools for the betterment of your daily life.

Is Your Life Hard? We all know that life is filled with tremendous difficulty and authentic support is hard to find. We need a system of life improvement and advancement that delivers consistent evolution and development from foundation to mastery. The Blue Morpho Way addresses our individual lives from the perspective of our total conscious experience; literally how we process and experience everything from the mundane, like brushing our teeth, to the exceptional, like the healing of deep-rooted trauma.

How does it help you? The Blue Morpho Way is a comprehensive set of tools for life improvement that teach you how to shift your own consciousness. It can be used to change every aspect of your life –including alleviating your deep pain and losses– and to strengthen your relationships with those you love.


What you will experience in the Blue Morpho Way

  • A customized series of trainings, teachings and courses specific to your goals
  • Seamless integration and enhancement of all your current practices such as meditation, yoga, trance, athletics, and personal relationships.
  • Map and shift your consciousness to activate new life-supporting habits.
  • Increase your intelligence.
  • Deepen the virtues in your life and relationships such as forgiveness, acceptance, heart, love, and kindness to yourself and others.
  • Discover the key to any genuine personal breakthrough.
  • Learn to liberate who you really are.
  • Consistent personal enhancement through a compelling exploration that is fun.

Blue Morpho Way Collection

  • FREE: 21 daily consciousness-shifting activities
  • Change how you feel in three weeks
  • A dedicated community sharing this challenge
  • The opportunity to feel better
  • Takes less than 10 minutes a day
  • 90 daily consciousness-shifting activities
  • Helpful Daily Hints to trump fear and anxiety
  • A road map to feeling your very best
  • A dedicated community of like-minded people
  • Instruction on how to find your Truth
  • The keys to Leaving Depression Behind
  • Over 8 Hours of video
  • 4 trance sessions to Journey out of Depression
  • 4 lectures explaining the keys to emotional freedom
  • Basic and Advanced Skills Videos