Hamilton Souther

Hamilton Souther, Founder of the Blue Morpho Foundation and the Cure PTSD Now™ Initiative, was born into a family of influential scientists. His father was a pioneering reconstructive surgeon who nonetheless understood the tremendous limitations still existing in the western medical model. While Hamilton had an interest in medicine, he was perplexed by these limitations and his observation that the people in the most prosperous countries in history were also the most depressed. He was compelled to find the solution.

As a student, Hamilton’s interest in cultural anthropology was an initial effort to discover if other societies had practices and beliefs from which the West could learn. Upon graduating University, he headed to the Peruvian Amazon to discover for himself if there were truths behind the ethnographies of those such as Eliade, Malinowski, and Chagnon.

He became so immersed in his research and practice that before he knew it, he had spent 12 years there, apprenticing with two widely respected Amazonian Medicine Men: “Doctors of the Rainforest.” Hamilton reached the level of Maestro, or Master, faster than any previous apprentice and was alone among westerners to do so.

During that time, Hamilton established Blue Morpho Tours, a small shamanic center along an Amazonian tributary. Here he lived with natives and frontiersmen, entirely apart from western civilization. Among the few guests at the time was a writer suffering from chronic depression. Her healing experiences with Hamilton resulted in a total liberation of depression, which she wrote about and published in National Geographic. The article became the most widely read and commented-on piece in National Geographic’s history. Blue Morpho Tours quickly grew and, over the next 10 years, thousands of people from over 40 countries came seeking healing. Unlike the local natives, who were taught to heal other natives, Hamilton was uniquely trained to heal the Westerner’s mind and the illnesses created by the Western lifestyle; this provided new challenges.

Taking this on, Hamilton observed the people coming for treatment. At first he noticed that, while the Westerner would completely heal in the Amazon, after a year or so back in his or her home country, the symptoms of mental disease would return. In response, Hamilton turned to the study of consciousness as the possible answer. This led to the exploration of human consciousness and the eventual first mapping and codification of this widely misunderstood phenomenon.



Once Hamilton understood the total-encompassing nature of human consciousness, he began to explore the applicability of this discovery to healing. He knew the discovery made the remission and healing of mental illness possible, as the totality of the illness could be mapped and understood via an exploration of the patient’s state of consciousness. Through directed shifts in consciousness, the patient would transcend the paralysis caused by the reaction to trauma, and the trauma would no longer hold power over him or her. Without this key, symptoms of illness were very likely to recur, regardless of the treatment modality used. Hamilton recognized the magnitude of this discovery and decided to share it with the world. He is now focusing his mastery in changing states of consciousness on the global mental health crisis, beginning with the cure for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Hamilton is a visionary leader, speaker, renowned master shaman, and a valued advisor to extremely successful and influential people worldwide. He guides clients to peak states of consciousness and effectiveness, taking them beyond mere wealth and power to achieve their greatest ambitions. He has mapped and codified consciousness, becoming a leader and international advocate for the use of shifting consciousness as a tool for healing and life improvement.